Technology adapting under pressure

Justin Sycamore, SS&C Eze

SS&C Eze: Best Cloud Based Technology & Best Portfolio Management Software – Complex and volatile market conditions put pressure on the technology tools available to hedge fund managers, especially in the front and middle office. Remote work has heightened cybersecurity and risk management concerns. Additionally, a challenging fundraising environment and complex investor demands drive the need for technology partners to provide a secure and robust infrastructure. Technology vendors like SS&C are rising to the challenge.

“Investors are looking at operational risk and potential liabilities as much as investment risk. To successfully raise capital in today’s environment, hedge funds need to validate their vendor’s security and risk programmes,” says Justin Sycamore, Director of Sales, EMEA, SS&C Eze. “By partnering with trusted and proven vendors, fund managers ensure potential breach risks are minimised and managed.” 

SS&C has been investing in robust risk management tools to help fund managers navigate the environment. Additionally, SS&C has responded to demand for accessibility and speed with its cloud-native platform Eze Eclipse and its mobile app. “We’ve introduced a brand-new mobile app powered by Eze Eclipse to empower fund managers to conduct critical investment operations on-the-go,” Sycamore notes. “The app launched late last year and we already have nearly 50 firms using it. Feedback has been tremendous.”

“We’re proud of how quickly we’ve been able to respond to recent market changes in EMEA and globally,” says Sycamore. “Throughout 2020, we’ve helped clients successfully transition to remote operations, implement new investment strategies, and launch new funds. All while enhancing our products and building out more flexible features to simplify daily workflows. “

As the industry continues to learn how to adapt to virtual operational due diligence and fundraising, hedge funds should consider using technology as a way to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market. “We’re likely to continue to see investor demands for greater transparency, robust risk controls, and sustainable investing drive a need for more sophisticated technology requirements. ESG investing is here to stay and hedge fund managers need to consider whether their technology is equipped to navigate more complex ESG mandates and the demand for visibility and transparency,” Sycamore anticipates. 

SS&C has focused on improving those capabilities within Eze Eclipse this year, focusing on robust modelling and easy-to-use analytics tools. Additionally, Eze has focused on improving operational efficiency for its clients. “Having the right partner who can provide a scalable solution along with expert-provided managed services can help expand the footprint of human capital for a fund.” 

Being part of SS&C Technologies gives SS&C Eze access to expertise, tools and services across a broad range of financial services, so clients can get solutions to address their unique needs. For hedge funds, SS&C offers a broad range of administration, regulatory, tax, investor, transfer agency and risk services. 

“Our mission has always been to deliver a cohesive front-to-back investment experience. Rising costs, fee compression, and downward revenue pressure is putting greater emphasis on workflow efficiency,” Sycamore explains. “The effort to simplify those workflows includes improving existing integrations with SS&C’s products and finding new opportunities to bundle together services and solutions to provide more value.” 

Justin Sycamore, Director of Sales, EMEA, SS&C Eze
Justin Sycamore oversees sales for SS&C Eze in the EMEA region. He joined the company in 2018 from Algomi, where he was the global head of buy-side sales. Justin began his career in fintech over 20 years ago and has held senior roles for several buy-side technology vendors ranging from start-ups to well-established firms. Previously, he built his own software company which he sold to HarperCollins Publishers in 2016 after growing the client base to over 1,200 institutions globally.

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