New asset backed blockchain cryptocurrency moves into launch phase

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VIPUSD Coin, the Blockchain Cryptocurrency, backed by USD3.6 trillion worth of land, energy and other mineral assets, has moved into launch phase after selling an initial USD23 million worth of currency at a pre-launch discount token price of USD1,200 with indicated values set to hit USD12,000-plus on exchange debuts.

Started in 2021, by Veterans International Petroleum Services LLC, a permanently limited three billion VIPUSD Coin has already been mined to limit their environmental impact. Only 300 million will be released to the market and pegged to the natural reserves behind VIPUSD Coin. More assets will be added to the network to further increase the value of VIPUSD Coin over time.
VIPUSD Coin, supported by the United Nations International Human Rights Commission (UN IHRC) and other humanitarian organisations, is one of the first truly ‘asset’ backed Blockchain Cryptocurrencies designed and launched to eliminate much of the inerrant instability within the digital currency market. In addition to stability, VIPUSD Coin utilises the vast network of investors to support humanitarian causes with a portion of initial sales being donated directly to international humanitarian projects.
The partnership with humanitarian organisations such as the UN IHRC will see a portion of the sales value from the initial sale of the founders VIPUSD Coin spread between three key areas: Education, Qualification and Employment. The purpose being focussed on improving the future welfare of citizens around the world by providing them with the tools to learn, find jobs and in turn improve lives, not just for themselves but the wider community also.
Unlike many Cryptocurrencies, VIPUSD Coin has already been created as tokens on the TRON platform. This means that there will be none of the environmental impacts of coin mining associated with traditional Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
Alongside the energy reduction, VIPUSD Coin provides community landowners with a way to earn money from their land rights, without tarnishing nature with “dirty” industries, including mineral mining and oil exploration and drilling, thanks to signed agreements ensuring the reserves will not be exploited. The protection of these reserves is fundamental to the underlying value of VIPUSD Coin and the ambition to making a positive contribution to slowing climate change and global warming.
VIPUSD Coin is designed to be highly tradable using a Transaction Processing System (TPS) that can handle 2,000 transactions per second (far higher than, for example, bitcoin – 6 per second, and ether – 25 per second) with very low transaction costs and minimal buy/sell margin spread to further preserve the value of VIPUSD Coin.
The transactional network, along with the use of physical assets to back VIPUSD Coin, is intrinsic to the currency’s future functionality as a tradable currency within retail, commerce, corporate treasury models and investment portfolios.
With the aim of launching VIPUSD Coin on market-leading broker exchanges during 2021, indicated values based on the asset valuing backing VIPUSD Coin show price per token reaching a minimum of USD12,000 per VIPUSD Coin making it an ideal investment vehicle for veteran or beginner crypto investors.
Chris Brice, One of the founder Members of VIPUSD Coin says “Cryptocurrencies are making waves within the multiple business sectors around the globe but often these coins are highly speculative. VIPUSD Coin will offer a level of security within its value similar to that of a banknote, wherein physical assets need to be available to maintain its value. This not only allows us to create a bankable product for people to invest in but also create a tradable Cryptocurrency that can really work on a day-to-day level as a currency. Alongside this, VIPUSD Coin will be using its platform and network of investors and traders to support worthy causes across the globe. Working alongside the UN’s IHRC and other humanitarian organisations, we’ll be working with a collective of NGOs to support projects within education and future welfare.”

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