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Aaro Capital launches DLT and crypto asset whitepaper

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Aaro Capital, a DLT and crypto assets investment specialist, has published a new white paper “Introductory Guide to DLT and Cryptoassets” which offers a comprehensive easy-to-understand guide to various notions and technologies pertinent to the crypto space.

Featuring an A-Z Crypto Jargon Glossary that explains key concepts and terms in a thoughtful and accessible way, this white paper is particularly timely as blockchain technology and cryptoassets are quickly becoming an inevitable part of the future of global finance. Estimates by PwC and Gartner Research on the value that blockchain technology will deliver by 2030 range into trillions of dollars. Fidelity recently found that 71 per cent of institutional investors plan to buy or invest in cryptoassets in the future. 

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