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ACA Compliance Group launches free web-based cyber awareness training

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ACA Compliance Group (ACA) is offering free web-based cybersecurity awareness training. Available now, the web-based course is designed to help financial services firms and individuals globally reinforce the fundamentals of cybersecurity to protect themselves against increased cyber risk related to the COVID-19 pandemic.Cyber risks to both firms and individuals are increasing as firms move to home working environments and cyber criminals seize opportunities related to the COVID-19 pandemic to attack. According to attendees of a recent ACA webcast, seven out of 10 had warned staff about an uptick in Covid-19 cybersecurity threats, such as phishing scams. However, 30% had yet to take this step.

In this environment, it is more critical than ever for firms and individuals to remain vigilant and proactive in protecting themselves against cyber threats.

Mike Pappacena, Partner, Risk Strategies at ACA Compliance Group, says: “As a governance, risk and compliance firm, we can educate the workforce currently at home on the cyber dangers and risks they may be exposed to in their everyday work life. We encourage individuals and firms to take advantage of this e-training to increase vigilance and protect themselves from fraudulent criminal activity that uses the COVID-19 pandemic as a pretence for nefarious activity.”

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