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Accern launches AI Marketplace with over 400 ready-made use cases

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Accern, a no-code AI platform, has launched the Accern AI Marketplace, which dramatically increases the speed enterprises can deploy and begin reaping the benefits of AI across their businesses. Accern’s AI Marketplace allows data scientists and business analysts to empower their business functions with over 400 ready-made AI use cases to automate manual workflows and enhance decisions. Accern says the result is a 24x gain in productivity for financial teams. 

Use cases include but are not limited to insights on Credit Risk, ESG Behaviours, Covid-19, Anti-Money Laundering Analytics, Mergers and Acquisitions, and more. These ready-made use cases are backed by AI and adaptive NLP (natural language processing) to allow financial services teams to quickly research, summarise, and extract data, and gain investment insights and manage risk.  

Clients best suited to take advantage of the Accern AI Marketplace include firms across the financial services spectrum such as asset managers, insurance companies and banks. Accern works with over 50 clients across financial services. The release of the marketplace is a major step forward for the widespread availability of AI across the industry. 

“The success of the AI Marketplace is a testament to Accern’s mission to democratise the use of AI and accelerate innovation for financial enterprises,” says Kumesh Aroomoogan, Co-founder and CEO of Accern. “Non-technical business researchers and analysts can deploy over 400 AI-powered natural language processing (NLP) models 3000x faster now, providing the quick and accurate solutions that banks, insurance companies, and hedge funds need across underwriting and distribution processes, portfolio construction and surveillance.” 

Accern’s AI Marketplace is the first to offer financial services AI-based adaptive learning capabilities, demonstrating that a new market leader on the forefront of putting artificial intelligence in everyone’s hands is clearly emerging. With the most accurate collection of adaptive NLP models pre-trained for finance such as entity and theme classifications, sentiment and relevance analyses, and foreign language translations, Accern is well situated to continue to expand across the market. 

One of the biggest impediments to the mass adoption of AI within businesses and financial services enterprises is the inability of data scientists to keep up with the growing business requirements and deploy projects at the same pace. Compared to standard model development cycles, Accern is 3000x faster which means quicker adoption of better analytics across the business and more efficient use of data science resources. 

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