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Activist Blackwells unveils five-point Disney tech plan

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Activist hedge fund firm Blackwells Capital, a significant shareholder in the Walt Disney Company, has released an excerpt from its upcoming investor presentation that details Blackwells’s vision for the future of technology at the entertainment giant.

Blackwells has drawn up a five-point strategic plan aimed at helping Disney recapture lost ground and identifies a number of current tech shortcomings at the company including: fragmentation, unhurried innovation, the lack of a native tech stack, and spatial computing and AI mediocrity.

In a statement, Jason Aintabi, Chief Investment Officer at Blackwells, said: “Disney should be dominating in the fields of spatial computing and AI. Few companies have the potential of Disney to synthesise these revolutionising technologies, and relate them to consumers with the impact, and ROI, that Disney can. Spatial computing has far more relevance to Disney than it does to either Apple or Meta, for example.

“Electing Leah Solivan to the board of Disney will add considerable technological and entrepreneurial expertise and drive greater management accountability around Disney’s adoption of transformative technologies.”


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