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Activist Global hedge fund to establish global refugee charity

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Activist Global, a multi-strategy hedge fund of fund manager, is planning to create a new global charity foundation named Temporary Nations aimed at supporting refugees around the world.

The firm has committed to invest and allocate USD494 million into the new proposed project along with several other international governmental agencies.
The firm has conducted negotiations and reaching agreements with all the involved parties for the past 10 months since mid-2016.
Activist Global will act as the financial controller to the Temporary Nations project.
"Temporary Nations will be a self-regulatory organisation and an international charity entity, its main focus is to provide worldwide humanitarian aid operations and development assistance to support the refugees under the current refugee crisis, especially in and around regions of Syria, Yemen, as well as throughout regions of Middle East, Africa, and across Asia Pacific,” says King Laurence Chow (pictured), Activist Global's founding chairman. "More importantly, the Temporary Nations platform will be helping an enormous amount of refugees to work on resettlement into several of the new development zones across the continent, including several self-governed international territory, farmlands, unclaimed lands and districts that have no international laws or governing authority.
“They can be similar to the "Bir Tawil Territory" between Egypt and Sudan, "The Kingdom of Encalva" between Slovenia and Croatia, and "Liberland" in between Serbia and Croatia, which Temporary Nations will claim and to take control over. We will also work with China, Russia, and possibly the IMF, World Bank, UN, and UNHCR in the future, as well as with several highly experienced international philanthropists and NGOs. The goal is to give comfort and support to the people."

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