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ADVFN’s Follow Feed gives investors inside track on Brexit sensitive stocks

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ADVFN has launched a Brexit Follow Feed which delivers information on stocks, indices and currency pairs directly affected by the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

The free service gives investors the big picture on key events for stocks and other markets that have been identified as Brexit correlated.
Stock sectors include banks, airlines, estate agents and house builders. Barclays (LSE:BARC), EasyJet (LSE:EZJ), Foxtons (LSE:FOXT) and Taylor Wimpey (LSE:TW.) are examples of some of the companies featured.
The Brexit Follow Feed page also includes the currency pairs of GBP/USD, GBP/EUR, GBP/JPY and GBP/RUB, and leading global indices.  
Brexit Follow Feed is available on the ADVFN website and as an app for android and iOS users.
Presented in the clear timeline style of social media news feeds, Brexit Follow Feed lets investors know up-to-the-minute about: price breakouts; high volume trades; order book activity; news; regulatory announcements; broker ratings; and stock chat comments and traffic.
Users can watch all the action for these specific stocks, currencies and indices at the top of the Brexit Follow Feed page as they happen in real time. They can easily look back through the feed list’s timeline to see what has already occurred and drill down into any data that particularly interests them. Headlines of all the reports appear at the top of a single updating list.
“Brexit Follow Feed collates these identified stocks onto a single page so investors don’t have to trawl the Internet piecing information together about individual stocks and losing vital time,” says Clem Chambers, (pictured) CEO of ADVFN. “Instead they can stay informed and get ahead by seeing the overall picture at a glance.”

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