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Agio Technology launches Agio ESP

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Agio Technology, a provider of managed IT services for the hedge fund industry, has launched Agio ESP, a fully-automated enterprise service platform designed to allow Agio engineers to focus on a client.s most critical issues.

Agio believes ESP represents a major breakthrough, not only for the firm, but also for its hedge fund clients, providing them with levels of insight and transparency into the overall service processes never before possible.

The key to the enhanced insight and transparency is the Agio ESP Dashboard, providing clients and Agio engineers with a real-time-view of service processes. With ESP, Agio clients have an “inside” view of the entire ticketing process, and have a real understanding of exactly what is happening at any given moment in time.

Using a scriptable heuristic algorithm, Agio ESP automatically prioritises cases based on multiple inputs, including but not limited to, issue, case severity, contact or client-specific service level agreements.

Bart McDonough (pictured), founder and chief executive of Agio Technology, says: “The beta testing of Agio ESP clearly demonstrated ESP makes our service processes far more efficient, and our overall goal of consistent, excellent communication, more achievable. And as we have rolled out the platform, those results, if anything, have been more encouraging.

“At Agio, we have always taken great pride in our high service standards and performance, and are continually challenging our team members to improve. They have always answered that challenge and, as a group, are really excited about the potential this great new tool will provide them to enhance our clients’ experience. Coming unglued when a client’s world is melting down is not an option. It’s in our DNA to keep it cool and ESP gives us a continued edge to provide the superior support our clients demand.”

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