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AII Barometer: Another leg up for L/S equity funds

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The Lyxor Hedge Fund Index was up +0.1% in April. 3 out of 12 Lyxor Indices ended the month in positive territory, led by the Lyxor LS Equity Long Bias Index (+4.5%), the Lyxor LS Equity Market Neutral Index (+2.4%), and the Lyxor Merger Arbitrage Index (+0.7%).

Oil prices rallied through the month from improved EIA forecasts and US stocks accumulation starting to slow down. The Greece-Troika negotiations paced markets headlines on roller-coaster mode. In the second half of the month, EMU markets got seized in the cross currents of profit taking and QE trades unwinding. Eurozone equities netted a 1% gain while Germany’s 10Y yields bounced back 10bps from lows, followed by UST. Despite weaker US data, equity markets benefitted from a decent earning season. In EM, stocks got lifted by Chinese markets reflecting monetary easing efforts and driven by market liberalisation.

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