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AlgoDynamix appoints sales director, Americas and new representatives across Asia

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AlgoDynamix, a financial instrument price movement forecasting analytics provider, has extended its reach across North America and Asia. 

AlgoDynamix, a financial instrument price movement forecasting analytics provider, has extended its reach across North America and Asia. The AlgoDynamix headquarters are in Cambridge and London and it already has a presence in India and China.

AlgoDynamix has also confirmed the appointment of David Toomey-Wilson as the National Sales Director for the Americas and of specialist representatives in Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. Toomey-Wilson will be responsible for expanding the AlgoDynamix footprint in the Americas, while the growth in Asia will be led by Paul Lee-Simion based in Singapore.
Toomey-Wilson has extensive experience in the industry, having held a number of senior sales positions, directing sales teams to deliver impressive results for a range of companies in the finance and financial technology sectors. He worked for Bloomberg PolarLake as the vice president of sales, and at Gartner as the global client director. Prior to joining AlgoDynamix he was at SimCorp Gain as the head of data management sales for the Americas.
Lee-Simion is based in Singapore, and is a highly-experienced technologist, delivering visionary business success with award-winning innovation and transformation.
David Toomey-Wilson says: “There is a huge amount of volatility in the financial world, so I’m delighted to be in a position to help our clients manage their market risk and improve performance. As part of the AlgoDynamix team I am excited to share our compelling solutions. I’m inspired by the culture of innovation and fresh ideas; AlgoDynamix is continually finding new ways to address the challenges everyone in our industry is facing in these unprecedented times.”
Dr Jeremy Sosabowski, co-founder and executive director of AlgoDynamix, says: “This is a major growth point for AlgoDynamix and I’m pleased to say it is very much customer-led. During 2020, we have seen many of the old ways of viewing risk discarded because a historical view of the markets is simply no longer valid. Our real-time analysis of world markets is being embraced by a much wider client base and we need to expand and keep in-step with clients and provide local contact points, as our business grows. I am confident that David and Paul will quickly make a significant contribution to supporting our growth in the Americas and in Asia.

“Asia is very digitally savvy, and the adoption of new technologies is embedded in the culture. AlgoDynamix’ ground-breaking approach of turning complexity of human behaviour into simple, advance warning of market movements, aligns really well with Asia’s thirst for innovation.”
AlgoDynamix is the leading provider of forecasting analytics tools for investment banks and asset managers around the globe. It provides hours and days of advance warnings of major directional market movements and, unlike other solutions, the underlying technology does not require historical data or previous data from disruptive events.

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