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AllianceBernstein launches digital education campaign for liquid alternatives

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AllianceBernstein has launched a digital education campaign to equip financial advisors with the right tools to help their clients navigate the growing liquid alternative investments category.

The cornerstone of AllianceBernstein's education initiative is an interactive website designed to demystify the array of liquid alternative strategies available to retail investors, illustrate how they might fit into diversified portfolios, and explain how they may be used to either mitigate risk or enhance returns.
The site also features a 12-question challenge called "Bring your 'A' Game" that assesses one's knowledge of liquid alternative investments and is designed to guide advisors in helping clients to better understand the category.
"Many investors today prefer information that is both digital and interactive, so we think it is essential that advisors have the most dynamic resources available that will allow them to easily walk their clients through the benefits of liquid alternative investments," says Robert Keith, head of AllianceBernstein's client group. "Many investors have rightly recognised that they may need to look beyond the traditional 60/40 investment portfolio and incorporate alternative strategies that focus on balancing risk and return in today's more volatile market and this campaign is about giving investors the tools to make the decision that is right for them.
"Whether we choose to build, buy or partner, we are taking a very client-centric approach to providing investors with the most comprehensive mutual fund strategies that will meet their evolving needs for breadth and balance in their portfolios. Our liquid alternative line-up gives retails investors access to a spectrum of highly specialised funds run by the best institutional managers, yet with the daily liquidity, high transparency and regulation they couldn't get in traditional hedge funds."

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