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AlphaOne Satori Management opens Satori II

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AlphaOne Satori Management, General Partner for the Satori family of funds, is to open Satori II from 1 June, providing more investors with an opportunity to invest with Satori Funds. With the launch of Satori II, investors who meet Accredited Investor criteria will now be able to participate, while investors who meet the Qualified Purchaser criteria can choose either fund.

The Satori Fund, founded and managed by Dan Niles, is a technology focused, long-short equity fund with a 16-year track record. The Fund looks to provide investors with lower volatility than the broader equity markets. With downside protection and uncorrelated returns the Fund’s objective is to minimise risk and allow compounding to generate long term value for investors. Satori II will run in parallel with the Satori Fund, allowing an additional class of investors the opportunity to invest.

“We’re excited to open Satori II on 1 June, 2020, as this will expand our fund offerings to meet growing demand from Accredited Investors. For 16 years, Satori has offered investors upside participation combined with downside protection of their investments and will now be available to both Qualified Purchasers and Accredited Investors,” says Dan Niles, Founder and Manager of the Satori Fund.

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