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Alternatives funds turn to values-based audience profiles to motivate allocators and build assets

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Hedge fund, private equity and other asset management firms are using cutting-edge, values-based marketing technology to open new doors and build stronger relationship with allocators. 

This new Valuegraphics profiling identifies more precisely what drives investor decision-making, rather than relying on cocktail party chatter and on-the-run elevator pitches.
“Gut level stereotyping of, and traditionally analog relationships with, target audiences isn’t good enough anymore,” says Kyle Dunn (pictured), founder and CEO of Meyler Capital, a leading integrated capital-raising and marketing services company serving alternative investment managers.
“Similar to what consumer-facing companies have done for years, Meyler’s new Valuegraphics profiling system pinpoints which investors will find a fund offering most interesting and motivating, and why. This valuable intelligence is helping managers better use their time communicating with only the most interested prospects,” says Dunn.
“Valuegraphics is helping us achieve a deep understanding of what motivates our target audience to better serve their needs and grow our business,” says Edouard Robbes, President of Thalēs Capital Partners LLC.
This approach is based on the forthcoming book, Valuegraphics: We Are All The Same Age Now, written by Meyler consultant David Allison and applied to the alternative asset management business exclusively through Meyler.  Building on established marketing strategies of demographic and psychographic profiling, Valuegraphics for alternative asset managers begins with a survey process that identifies the values of investors who are interested in a particular fund, and cross-references those results to extrapolate rich profiles from the complex correlations contained in the Valuegraphics database. From there, managers can determine the best messages and tactics to communicate for their products and solutions. 
“For decades, asset managers have used sophisticated return attribution metrics for their portfolios. After lagging behind other industries for years, they are now applying the same principles to marketing,” says Dunn.   

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