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Alternatives industry remained strong in 2016

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The alternatives industry grew solidly in 2016 across all segments and factors tracked by Convergence.

The firm measures the overall health of the industry by analysing changes it observes in 17,500-plus advisers, 53,000-plus private funds and 6,000-plus service providers.
According to Convergence’s Q4 2016 update, more advisers and managers were formed who in turn hired more people and launched more funds. The number of service providers servicing the industry grew and the number of regulatory actions increased as well.
Hedge funds “noise” garnered the most negative attention this year as a series of high profile closures, scandals and performance woes caused many investors to withdraw capital or suspend allocations to the asset class. While managers in all segments grew, we saw investors direct new capital allocations away from hedge funds and into private equity, real estate and venture capital.
'The transparency we provide advisers, service providers and institutional investors with our research, surveillance and analytics is helping each manage risk, grow and protect revenue and increase profitability,” says John Phinney (pictured), chairman and co-founder.
”We are helping firms make better decisions with our data and giving them an alternative to the legacy options in the marketplace,” adds George Evans, co-president and co-founder.

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