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Apis Capital Management launches tokenised hedge fund with a proven track record

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Apis Capital Management has launched the Apis Token which is designed to enable investors to profit from an actively managed investment strategy, which has returned over 70 per cent per year since inception, while benefiting from the liquid and tradeable nature of blockchain-based tokens.

The token will begin its private presale this June, is built using the Steller network and leverages its state of the art blockchain technology that benefits from best in class speed, efficiency, security and lowest transaction fees. With this initiative, Apis is leading the industry in democratising hedge fund investing.  
Dr Edgar Radjabli (pictured), Managing Partner of Apis Capital Management, says: “One major advantage is that investors own and control their token and can buy or sell them at any time, which is very different from our standard fund management model which requires lockup periods.”
Apis Tokens will be tradeable through the StellarPort Exchange and White Company Capital, which is an investment platform designed for cryptocurrency holders who wish to diversify their holdings through benefiting from professional money managers like Apis Capital.
“Another benefit is there is no minimum investment,” continues Radjabli, “and investors benefit fully from the profits of the strategy, without paying any management or incentive fees.” This is in stark contrast to the traditional industry model, where a typical 2-and-20 structure is common. Radjabli argues, “Once you invest in an asset, you should be able to benefit from all of the profits it generates.”
There are also significant tax advantages for US investors, who pay capital gains tax only when they sell or redeem the token, unlike traditional hedge fund investors who pay tax on the fund’s on-paper profits every year even if they do not receive any funds.
While there are others in the industry that are beginning to tokenise their assets, the Apis Token Fund is the first and only one so far to do so on the basis of a proven strategy that has an extensive track record which has won it accolades from industry publications such as BarclayHedge, Preqin and, which track the performance of hundreds of hedge funds.
The ACM strategy is unique, as it combines two quantitative methods which allow it to profit in both up trending and down trending markets.

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