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ASC launches research coverage model on blockchain companies with tokenised ecosystems

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Alpha Sigma Capital (ASC), a digital assets fund focused on delivering growth capital to blockchain and tokenised projects has launched what it says is the first-ever fundamental research model on blockchain companies with tradable digital assets and blockchain ecosystems that are being adopted and scaling. “When we launched the fund, we spent a tremendous amount of time researching blockchain companies and the correlation to their alt-coin. We didn’t find any independent research reports that could really help us, so we started doing our own. What we found was very interesting and valuable. We’ve decided to share our findings at no cost to our Limited Partners and prospective investors or co-investors,” says Enzo Villani, Founder and Managing Partner of Alpha Sigma Capital.

Alpha Sigma Capital’s research team has over 100 years of combined experience in strategic investing via mergers and acquisitions, public equities, venture capital, private equity, and leveraged buyouts. The team has worked for top investment managers, hedge funds, and top traditional and crypto exchanges. 

ASC relies on information provided by the organisations and their communities to distill independent research that is focused on providing insights into growing companies in the emerging blockchain economy. Our fundamental approach provides a rigorous investigation of the companies we cover and invest with. 

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