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Asset inflows into alternative UCITS remain strong, says LuxHedge

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The Alternative UCITS market keeps showing strong growth with LuxHedge recording net inflows of EUR5.2 billion in assets under management in January.

The strongest rise occurred in Fixed Income Arbitrage (EUR2.8 billion), Global Macro (EUR0.9 billion) and Multi-Strategy (EUR0.8 billion) funds. The relatively smaller segment of Volatility Arbitrage funds was the only one to show a declining AUM in January: -EUR0.4 billion.

The LuxHedge Alternative UCITS indices held up well across almost all strategy styles with the LuxHedge Global Alternative UCITS Index increasing 0.25 per cent during January 2017. The largest gain was recorded by the Event Driven funds as measured by the Event Driven UCITS Index (+1.47 per cent). Also Multi-Strategy (+1.11 per cent) and Long/Short (+0.93 per cent) Indices posted a strong gain for the second month in a row.

The Commodity Arbitrage UCITS index, which is the smallest category, posted another loss last month with -0.72 per cent. Also Volatility Arbitrage (-0.30 per cent), Global Macro (-0.22 per cent) and CTA/Managed Futures (-0.15 per cent) lost some ground in January.

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