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AST Fund Solutions to provide full-service intermediary oversight to investment management companies

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AST Fund Solutions, a provider of a complete suite of shareholder communication and recordkeeping services for mutual funds and closed-end funds, has launched a full-service intermediary oversight solution called AST Oversight.

AST Oversight was developed with Wheelhouse Analytics, a well-known technology provider in the space, to provide AST clients with the necessary tools to leverage disparate sources of data for streamlined data management and analytics. In today’s highly competitive distribution market, efficient management of multiple broker-dealer distribution relationships with unique individual revenue sharing expenses is critical for fund firms. Essential components of an intermediary oversight program include understanding effective rates for partners, measuring sales effectiveness and maintaining comprehensive compliance profiles for all partners.

AST Fund Solutions offers its clients a complete solution to help companies avoid the need for additional internal resources to implement and manage a complex oversight program. Collecting, maintaining and tracking important distribution and omnibus record-keeping data are expensive and time consuming tasks when managed in-house. Through this innovative business outsourcing model, AST provides a transparent process for intermediary oversight. The powerful software platform enables AST’s team of experts to provide click-through convenience for clients to access distribution deal data.

“Omnibus distribution and record-keeping partnerships with broker-dealers are essential for mutual funds in today’s market,” says Mark C Healy (pictured), President and Chief Executive Officer of AST. “Getting a handle on relationship data so it’s available on demand is the first priority, then you are able to leverage it for business intelligence.”

AST is continuously developing value-added solutions for ‘40 Act issuers, based on the premise that there is always a more efficient way to produce a better product. The company empowers clients with innovative technology solutions that allow them to focus on their core business of delivering value to shareholders.

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