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Atreaus Capital selects SunGard’s Hedge360 Risk Reporting Service

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New York-based macro hedge fund manager Atreaus Capital is now live with SunGard’s Hedge360 Risk Reporting Service.

Delivered as a managed service, the Hedge360 Risk Reporting Service provides highly customised daily risk reports, offering transparency to investors and integrated internal risk management to hedge funds.
Trading a broad range of products with an emphasis on FX and commodities, in the form of both OTC derivatives and futures, Atreaus Capital required customised daily risk reporting and monitoring of a broad range of risk measures and limits, on a daily basis, including VaR, sensitivity and exposure limits.
SunGard’s Hedge360 Risk Reporting Service helps the hedge fund by providing a fully hosted and managed service that encompasses the entire reporting process including; data mapping, data validation and exception management, report generation and analytical result validation.
“Following implementation of the project we are already benefitting from SunGard’s in-depth risk expertise and are able to dedicate time to managing risk, rather than managing data, processes and infrastructure. The managed service provides engineered market data and allows us to grow our reporting capabilities with ease. Interactive web dashboards provide an easy-to-use visual interface for analysing and attributing risk using a broad range of risk metrics including VaR, sensitivities and exposures. SunGard is already known to us through our use of SunGard’s Front Arena and the expertise of the SunGard’s Hedge360 Risk Reporting Service team further strengthens the service we can provide to our clients,” says Andrew Downes, chief operating officer, Atreaus Capital.

“Hedge funds today need to raise a higher proportion of assets from large financial organisations. As professional money managers, these investors demand institutional standards of risk reporting and risk management. SunGard’s Hedge360 Risk Reporting Service helps maintain a competitive advantage for hedge funds that are looking to achieve institutional credibility, through a sound, scalable, stable operating model that stands up to scrutiny from investors and regulators,” says Dr Laurence Wormald, chief operating officer and head of research for SunGard’s APT.

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