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Axyon AI partners with DMALINK to develop first machine learning-based predictive algorithms for forex trading

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Axyon AI has partnered DMALINK to develop the use of deep learning artificial intelligence to dynamically manage liquidity, detect market and order anomalies, and create smart algorithms for trade execution in the fiat FX space.

Axyon AI will combine its technology with DMALINK’s ECN infrastructure to innovate FX trading. For the buy side, deep learning models considerably improve the quality of order fills. For the sell side, the application will ensure firms maintain a positive yield curve. The deep learning technology will also detect market anomalies in spot FX, giving DMALINK participants access to one of the most powerful risk management tools developed in the ECN space. Smart algorithms, dynamically created by AI will instantly adjust trade execution as a function of the market dynamics.
Daniele Grassi, Chief Executive Officer of Axyon AI, says: “We believe that the leap from humans telling computers how to act, to computers learning how to act, has momentous implications for financial markets trading. Our partnership with DMALINK will be a paradigm shift for the FX trading industry.”
Manu Choudhary, Chief Executive Officer of DMALINK, says: “In spite of the pace of innovation within the ECN space, liquidity management, anomaly detection and algos have been left behind by advances in deep learning AI technology. The ability for Axyon AI’s deep learning technology to leverage insights in a fraction of the time of a human-driven equivalent provides opportunities for the procurement and analysis of unique data to dynamically manage liquidity, risk and trade execution for the first time.”

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