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Ayaltis launches Narrapuno SPC Convergence fund

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Ayaltis has launched a new fund, Narrapuno SPC Convergence, which aims to leverage the firm's experience and insight in the multifaceted strategies of the credit market. 

This fund of fund concept focuses on the singular opportunity set, which has evolved through the bank disintermediation process, currently taking place in the direct lending market globally. As a consequence of the more restrictive regulatory environment, banks withdraw more and more from traditional lending to medium and small sized companies. This gap, which Ayaltis expects to widen in the coming years, creates rewarding investment opportunities for non-financial market participants in the private debt sector. The carefully selected, underlying funds screen their universe for the most attractive opportunities in trade financing, direct lending as well as asset backed lending.  
The second part puts an emphasis on selected structured credit, which has always been one of the key competences of Ayaltis. In the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008, the market of structured assets still continues to shrink. Issues which came to the market before 2008 are no longer eligible for traditional banks due to the more restrictive regulatory framework and therefore create an interesting opportunity set for skilled investors. 
Narrapuno SPC Convergence Fund combines these two attractive areas of investment opportunities and offers the investors an exceptional chance to participate in these niche areas of the credit market.  

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