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Barclays Capital launches ManagerAccess Indices

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Barclays Capital, the investment banking division of Barclays Bank PLC, has launched its ManagerAccess Indices, a family of investible indices that aim to provide investors with liquid exposure to specific hedge funds strategy returns.

Investing in hedge funds continues to present investors with challenges. Over the past few years, events such as net asset value suspensions and gating have highlighted some of the inherent risks in hedge fund investing. Investors are placing higher requirements on the liquidity, transparency and asset protection of their hedge fund holdings. This has resulted in more thorough due-diligence processes and increased stringent governance requirements for investment companies in general.

The Barclays ManagerAccess Indices aim to overcome many of these considerations and simplify the way investors can gain liquid exposure to specific hedge fund strategy returns. Each index provides exposure to a single hedge fund strategy, as well as direct manager exposure. The indices are designed to reference managed accounts from various leading managed account platforms, rather than traditional hedge funds, which expands the universe of index constituents and provides weekly or better liquidity.

Csaba Koppany, Director in Equity and Funds Structured markets (EFS) at Barclays Capital says: "Managed accounts are not a new concept but they have become an increasingly popular way to address investor concerns surrounding liquidity, transparency and control of assets. The aim of the Barclays ManagerAccess Indices is to use that format to provide investors with liquid access to hedge fund strategy specific returns in a more straightforward and diversified manner.“

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