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Bats unveils community policing programme for US equities

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Bats Global Markets has created the Bats Community Policing Program for its US equities and options exchanges, an initiative designed to further enhance the company’s capabilities in monitoring markets.

“We believe this initiative will be an important innovation in the Bats regulatory programme, creating a healthy forum for industry participants to share market intelligence directly with the Bats regulatory staff,” says Bats chief regulatory officer and executive vice president Tami Schademann (pictured). “By creating a collaborative forum for the sharing of information, our customers can help to enrich our market surveillance program, leading to better surveillance and more investigations of unwanted behaviours in our market.”
The Bats Community Policing Program establishes a “Walking the Beat” process of engaging directly with the trading community to gather further information and intelligence about unwanted trading and quoting behaviours in the US equities and options markets. It also initiates an open and proactive dialogue between the Bats regulatory team and a trading community that has made a substantial investment in recent years to become more sophisticated in monitoring markets.
The combination of this initiative and the Bats Client Suspension Rule is an enhancement to the regulatory programme at Bats. The Client Suspension Rule, approved by the SEC in February 2016, assists the company in taking swifter action to eliminate manipulative behaviour, such as spoofing and layering, on the Bats Exchanges. It also accelerates the disciplinary processes by enabling Bats to stop disruptive quoting and trading behaviour.

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