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Bedford Row Capital appoints Philip Niemeyer as Head of Markets

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Philip Niemeyer has been appointed as Head of Markets of Bedford Row Capital and will also be the general manager of the firm’s Amsterdam office.

Until last month Niemeyer (pictured), who has longstanding experience in connecting institutional capital with the real economy credit demand in various European countries, was VP Business Development at CrossLend.
With offices in London, Amsterdam and Tallinn, Bedford Row Capital is a fixed-income boutique with a global service offering. Bedford Row Capital offers banks and insurance companies access to conventional debt, commercial paper and sharia-compliant sukuk through the debt capital markets. This gives institutional investors the opportunity to include secured debt with a decent yield in their portfolio.
For investors these asset-backed securities are a fixed-income allocation with a positive yield and a very acceptable risk profile. Bedford Row Capital distinguishes itself by streamlining the process for both investors and SMEs and offering a listed product that meets all requirements. Bedford Row Capital was globally ranked in the top 100 for eurobonds in 2018 and continues to work with an increasingly international client base.
Bedford Row Capital fills the gap that has been left by banks in recent years and provides a platform with access to the international debt capital markets. Banks are hesitant to lend and a funding gap remains for SMEs seeking liquidity to help them grow. For the management of these companies Bedford Row Capital provides a unique and streamlined route to the capital markets.
Philip Niemeyer previously had a focus on business development across the EU and has extensive experience in partnerships and co-operations including investor relations and regulatory matters. Philip also played an important role as a representative of alternative credit in the European fintech ecosystem. At Bedford Row Capital, Philip will have the tools to make a bigger impact as there is a wider range of capital markets products available.
Dr Scott Levy, Founder and CEO at Bedford Row Capital, says: “We are confident that we will be able to continue our growth with Philip in continental Europe. There is an ever-growing demand from banks, asset managers and insurance firms to add stable yield to their portfolios by adding asset-backed debt. By providing capital to the real economy, with Philip’s contacts and experience, Bedford Row Capital is increasing its investment in, and support for, European growth businesses.”

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