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BiKi Group makes USD3m investment in Kmex

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BiKi Group’s BiKi Industry Fund has made a strategic investment of USD3 million to Kmex, a contract trading platform.In early March, BiKi Group announced its expansion into the contract business to provide users with a one-stop trading experience, combined with other existing products and services. This astute move will further develop and advance BiKi’s mission to ensure a simple and smooth contract trading experience for platform users.

The BiKi Industry Fund is the investment arm of BiKi Group, with a mission of supporting excellent blockchain entrepreneurial teams to form an upstream and downstream collaboration within the BiKi ecosystem. In 2020, it set aside USD 10 million and has invested in and so far.  

Founded in 2020, Kmex is a cryptocurrency derivative trading platform, targeting the market of new contract users. With in-depth understanding of financial derivatives trading and product design, its simple, convenient and friendly features have earned Kmex a leading position in contract trading.

“This is a win-win cooperation for both parties and a complementary addition to the whole BiKi ecosystem,” says Winter, Founder and CEO of BiKi Group. “BiKi is glad to exchange our global expertise and knowledge with key players in different fields to boost the blockchain ecosystem”.

BiKi Group has also announced that part of the profits from the invested companies will be used to buy back and burn BIKI, the native token of its cryptocurrency platform, which will inject new impetus into the deflation economy model of the BIKI token.  

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