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Bitfinex launches multi-screen function

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Digital token trading platform Bitfinex has launched a feature that enables users to customise their view on the market with a multi-screen function designed to generate alpha, providing professional traders with a means of exploiting correlations between different trading pairs.

Bitfinex users are empowered by obtaining access to a plethora of trading tools that enable them to deploy a variety of strategies across myriad digital token trading pairs. The high performance of the Bitfinex trading architecture – which has consistently withstood episodes of extreme volatility – provides traders with a reliable platform to deploy strategies once the preserve of incumbent financial markets.

In the most recent upgrade to the platform, traders can take a cockpit view of the market with a feature that enables users to split their PC or laptop screen into up to 15 different trading screens. This brings a variety of benefits to the professional trader. For example, a user trading different trading pairs can see in real time which pair has a higher beta or which leg of two pairs is furnishing the profit and loss.

“Markets move fast and this feature enables a user to trade 10 or 15 markets at the same time,” says Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Bitfinex. “A professional trader needs multiple information sources on the same page at his fingertips. This feature does just that, enabling a trader to jump from one screen to another without changing tabs.”

Users can toggle between the various screens to pursue strategies such as scalping, where profits are obtained from exploiting anomalies between different prices. Furthermore, traders can peruse a widget list that includes Trading Charts and Depth Charts.

After creating multiple custom layouts, a user can save the screen to match his or her trading requirements. Users can start creating their own bespoke trading views on Bitfinex at: https://trading.bitfinex.com/template 

Bitfinex is leveraging its position as one-stop shop for digital token trading offering a variety of services, including margin trading with up to ten-times leverage.

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