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BitSpread launches managed account platform for institutions to invest in blockchain assets

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BitSpread, a blockchain asset research and advisory firm, has launched BlockBerry, a new managed account platform.

The platform offers specialised, bespoke, managed account access to blockchain assets for institutions (both US and non-US), enabling self-management or third-party management. The blockchain assets covered include crypto-currencies, utility tokens and security tokens traded on regulated exchanges. BitSpread has five years of experience in the space and through its advisory role to the biggest market neutral liquidity fund accounts for over USD1 billion of crypto-currency transactions every month.
Cedric Jeanson (pictured), founder and CEO of BitSpread, says; “In the last five years we have built up enormous experience and expertise of global blockchain asset markets and extensive operational infrastructure to operate in those markets. We have also created extensive relationships with the key players in those markets, including the exchanges and the banks, which are critical and a significant ‘value add’. And we have constructed a complete operational, legal and regulatory framework for operating in blockchain asset markets which I believe is unique.
“What we are doing now is offering the benefits of all this to institutions who wish to enter these markets. We are removing the complexity and making their access to these markets straightforward and easy.
“This offering is built on significant operational infrastructure, including a segregated portfolio structure which allows for managed accounts with discretionary or non-discretionary management with on-exchange or OTC (over the counter) or execution. We can also design bespoke execution algorithms for quantitative trading strategies. And we can offer highly-tailored solutions, including ‘white label’ outcomes.
“We have developed deep relationships with the key service providers in the space, including fund administrators, lawyers and accountants, so institutions can be reassured that we have the highest standards in terms of service delivery.
“We think this combination of experience, expertise, technology, infrastructure and relationships is unrivalled.”
The firm recently hired Matthew Parsons (former legal counsel of Graticule Asset Management Asia) as chief compliance officer and general counsel; and Kevin Talbot, (former group treasurer at MNH Group Paris and former equity derivatives trader at Nomura) as portfolio advisor.

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