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Blockpass Provides eKYC Services for Base Protocol as private pre-sale launches

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Blockpass has unveiled Base Protocol, a synthetic crypto asset that derives its price from the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies, as its latest partner. Blockpass will be providing eKYC services to Base Protocol, which is currently preparing to launch its private BASE token pre-sale.

Described at the ‘S&P 500 for crypto’, Base Protocol acts as a one-stop trading instrument which allows holders to speculate on all cryptocurrencies simultaneously, rather than just one or a select portfolio of multiple. It allows traders to agnostically invest in the entire crypto ecosystem. Although this is its primary function, BASE tokens can also be used for other means, such as a safe transitory currency when trading between other cryptocurrencies with volatile prices, a price reference for all cryptocurrencies, or as a lending instrument to hedge on leveraged crypto trading.

Blockpass is a digital identity verification provider which provides a one-click compliance gateway to financial services and other regulated industries. From the Blockpass Mobile App, users can create, store, and manage a data-secure digital identity that can be used for an entire ecosystem of services, token purchases and access to regulated industry. For businesses and merchants, Blockpass is a comprehensive KYC & AML SaaS that requires no integration and no setup cost. You can set up a service in minutes, test the service for free and start verifying and on-boarding users.

“We’re very excited to be working with Base Protocol,” says Adam Vaziri, Blockpass CEO. “Cryptocurrencies have been notorious for price volatility and the sheer volume of different options available; having a token that is linked to the entire market is a great way to provide opportunities and mitigate all number of risks associated with cryptocurrency trading. By providing KYC services we can enable a safe, secure and regulatory compliant experience for Base Protocol and its users.”

“Base Protocol reviewed a variety of different KYC options when determining who to choose for our pre-sale. We ultimately chose to go with Blockpass as our partnered provider because they had the most intuitive, and flexible KYC portal that we were able to easily integrate onto our website,” says Dylan Senter, Base Protocol Co-Founder and Business Development. “Blockpass is clearly built to align with the needs of any crypto company doing KYC, and they have the most affordable payment structure. Our favorite thing about Blockpass is that there is no minimum number of KYC checks that we must purchase. We have been very happy with our Blockpass experience so far, and will definitely be using them moving forward.”

Blockpass has grown significantly in size and use since its inception, both in the number and range of companies it has partnered with, and the scope of its work. Blockpass continues to develop its digital identity protocol with updates and additions to improve the compliance experience. Blockpass has seen rapidly increasing numbers of users in the past year as its identity verification solution is used for ICOs, STOs and IEOs, including supporting a number of successful fundraisers in the past few months. 

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