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Bricknode launches Bricknode Fund Manager for fund administration

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Bricknode has launched Bricknode Fund Manager, a cloud based tool for fund companies to manage their funds, holdings, and investors. 

With Bricknode Fund Manager a fund company or fund operator/transfer agent only has to use one system for managing its investments and its investors together with distributing net asset values to different sources. The new offering is part of the same platform as Bricknode Broker which can be used by fund companies or brokers to host investor accounts including various insurance schemes.
As with its other services, Bricknode utilises a fully transparent pricing module which is available online. Fund companies, brokers, and developers can use Bricknode’s open API to build their own integrations. Through the Bricknode Marketplace developers and FinTech innovators can publish their applications and get instant distribution to customers.
“With the launch of Bricknode Fund Manager, we now have tools for both buy-side participants and sell-side participants in the same platform and can achieve a lot of network effects. Fund companies are producing financial products which the brokers are selling, and by participating in the same system, we can establish real time links between these entities,” says said Stefan Willebrand (pictured), CEO, and Co-Founder of Bricknode. “For example, this is a great way for start-up funds where they can get instant distribution through the connected securities firms and don’t have any cost overhead on the interaction between them. Having managed a fund of my own as a Commodities Trading Advisor in the US I am very excited about this offering and am looking forward to using it myself in the future!”
Erik Ekblom, Product manager for Bricknode Fund Manager, says: “We have used everything that we learned during more than ten years that we have developed cloud based services for the financial industry and created a product with input from several funds. We have focused on the establishment of a user-friendly interface and making something complex into a simple experience for the end user.”

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