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Bricknode launches full brokerage system in the cloud

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Bricknode has launched a Software as a Service solution for financial brokers and dealers called Bricknode Broker, which allows brokers to launch a complete online brokerage system with a click.

Historically, brokerage firms has been forced to integrate numerous software solutions in order to launch an online brokerage service which has led to high implementation costs and overheads.
Bricknode Broker contains a full suite of integrated user interfaces to cover back office, financial advisory and customer portal. Bricknode Broker can be expanded with add-on applications on the go by activating apps through the Bricknode Marketplace.
Brokerage firms can build their own apps using the open API of Bricknode Financial Systems or integrate with legacy systems. By using a pay-as-you-go model a brokerage firm can start using Bricknode Broker for USD70 per month and activate or cancel functions in real time.
“We started out by creating a new operating system for the financial industry and now we are launching our first applications that are specialised for certain user groups like Bricknode Broker for brokerage firms. During 2017 we are going to follow up with a launch of Bricknode Advisor for financial advisers and Bricknode Fund Manager for fund companies which can be used as a complete solution for managing and administer their funds and investors.
“Bricknode is one of the few that is really offering a complete business system for financial institutions on a pay-per-use basis and I think that is the only way forward for this industry. As an operator of financial institutions since 1998 myself I have gone through most of the issues that you face when operating online within this area,” says Stefan Willebrand (pictured), CEO and co-founder of Bricknode.

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