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Bricknode launches specialised transaction viewer for BFS

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Bricknode has launched a new application in the Bricknode Add-On Marketplace called Transaction Viewer.

The application can be launched as an add-on to Bricknode Financial Systems (BFS) as a tool to make the life of back office users easier.
BFS can be used by financial companies, FinTech innovators, application developers and expert consultants. The Bricknode Add-On Marketplace offers specialised apps to improve the experience for various users.
The latest release focuses on back office users and makes reconciliation and exception handling easier. Using the BFS API developers can quickly create financial technology products and distribute in the ecosystem that Bricknode is building.
“Within BFS the transaction tables are optimised to show huge amounts of data which comes at a cost. The cost is limitations on filtering, grouping and sorting.
“With the Transaction Viewer, we have taken another stance, in the app we make you limit your data selection that you want to work with and in turn you have access to great filtering, grouping and sorting. You can also export everything that you see, exactly as you see it, to excel for further analysis and calculations,” says Stefan Willebrand (pictured), CEO and co-founder of Bricknode.

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