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Cambridge Capital partners with Apex Token Fund for upcoming ICO

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Cambridge Capital, a hedge fund with a focus on cryptocurrencies, will be joining the Apex Token Fund, the first tokenised fund of funds. The firm’s mixture of long- and short-term trading strategies will add profitability and security to Apex, allowing it to achieve consistent returns for its investors.

Cambridge Capital invests in a wide range of ICOs, liquid tokens, and protocols, dividing its investments into long and short categories. Long investments are chosen on the basis of code and team reviews, regulatory concerns, and likelihood of being replaced with existing coins. Meanwhile, short investments are selected based on market analysis. By hedging these two types of investments, the firm is able to safeguard investors’ money while still giving them a chance to earn steep profits.
As the first tokenised fund of funds for cryptocurrency ventures, the Apex Token Fund seeks to incorporate as many quality cryptocurrency investment firms and hedge funds as possible. It is particularly partial to firms that have unique strategies, as amassing the returns from multiple different investment methods decreases potential risk while raising profitability. Cambridge Capital’s strategy is as unique as it is well-formulated, making the firm a valuable addition to the Apex team.

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