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Carillon Tower Advisers acquires ClariVest Asset Management

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Carillon Tower Advisers, a multi-boutique asset-management firm with USD64.6 billion in assets under management and advisement, is to acquire ClariVest Asset Management. 

Effective April, ClariVest will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Carillon Tower’s affiliate, Eagle Asset Management. The move follows Eagle’s purchase of an initial 45 per cent stake in ClariVest in 2012.
“We deeply value the partnership we have built with ClariVest in recent years, and we look forward to achieving an even stronger connection between Carillon Tower’s distribution capabilities and ClariVest’s unique investment products,” says Cooper Abbott (pictured), President of Carillon Tower. “ClariVest’s distinctive approach and experienced team continue to offer attractive solutions that address the needs of institutional investors globally.”
The transaction coincides with a long-planned management succession at ClariVest. Tiffany Ayres, who joined ClariVest in 2006 and serves as Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, will assume the role of President. Ayres, along with David Vaughn, Chief Investment Officer – Non-US and Global Strategies, and Todd Wolter, Chief Investment Officer – US and Alternatives Strategies, will be responsible for day-to-day management at ClariVest. “Consistency of team and process have been, and will continue to be, a hallmark of ClariVest,” says Stacey Nutt, CEO and CIO, who will become Senior Advisor to the firm. “This orderly transition will ensure that the next generation of leadership continues ClariVest’s long-standing investment process, culture, and track record of delivering excellent service to its institutional clients.”
“Carillon Tower has been an invaluable partner to ClariVest since its investment in 2012, and we look forward to continued collaboration to meet the needs of our clients,” says Tiffany Ayres. “Carillon Tower’s approach of providing scalable business support to autonomous investment teams puts ClariVest in a strong position to continue delivering the highest quality investment advice and results to our clients.”
ClariVest, which has USD7.3 billion in assets under management, provides investment services to clients including mutual funds and other pooled vehicles, corporate and public pensions, foundations, and multiemployer defined benefit plans. The firm invests across a range of equities strategies, including US large and small cap, international and emerging markets equities.
“ClariVest’s disciplined investment strategy takes advantage of the breadth provided by quantitative tools and the depth of qualitative analysis,” says Court James, Executive Vice President of Carillon Tower. “The firm’s innovative investment solutions will continue delivering strong portfolio results for our clients in the years to come.”
Carillon Tower Advisers’ global multi-boutique model is closely aligned with its partner affiliates, which in addition to ClariVest and Eagle Asset Management include Cougar Global Investments, Scout Investments, and Reams Asset Management, a division of Scout Investments.

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