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Carlisle’s Long Term Growth Fund added to HFR indices

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Carlisle, the Luxembourg-based alternative fund manager, has been included within two Hedge Fund Research indices.

The Long Term Growth Fund, a life settlement investment fund, is now part of the Hedge Fund Research Total Funds Index and Fixed Income Asset Backed Index.

The fund, managed by Carlisle Management, focuses on investing within the secondary life insurance market.

"As the investment community continues to seek low correlation to other asset classes and low volatility, we are confident life settlements will be part of the equation," says Jose Garcia, Carlisle’s chief executive.

The fund’s strategy is to purchase carefully selected life insurance policies that are beyond the contestability period. The fund seeks to build a large diversified portfolio across numerous sectors of the life settlement asset class. In order to properly implement a buy and hold strategy, the fund seeks to isolate mortality risk and build a large sample size.

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