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CitySavvy – Best Global Public Relations Firm

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Twelve-years old CitySavvy specialises in creating communications programmes for asset management sector firms and financial institutions. "Our core expertise is international media relations programmes and profile raising for clients via thought leadership, engagement with business and media outlets, conference participation and so on," comments Henrietta Hirst, Managing Director of CitySavvy. 

"We also do issues management and response, reputation management, fund launches and investor marketing, which we have been very busy with over the last 12 months. This includes production of pitch books, fund factsheets, and helping clients prepare ahead of investor roadshows."

CitySavvy has a wide range of clients that include: Hedge Fund Research, PAAMCO, Eclectica Asset Management, Janus Capital, Nordea, Invesco, China Post Global and Robeco, to name but a few. The firm works out of hub offices in London and Amsterdam but represents clients globally.

Commenting on its relationship with CitySavvy, Stephen Oxley, Vice Chairman, PAAMCO (a leading FoHF manager) said: "The firm combines a unique thoroughness of approach and professional capability with a high standard of personal client attention. They understand our business and it is clear they are well steeped in the disciplines of asset management firms. They offer intelligent senior level counsel combined with effective targeted media outreach."  

CitySavvy is very much a high-touch, boutique agency that focuses significant resources on every client relationship. 

"We intimately understand each of our clients as individual firms, we don't take a cookie cutter approach. It's very much based on careful thought and close collaboration with the client on an individual basis. The longevity of our client relationships is, I believe, testament to this considered approach. We've been working with PAAMCO since 2004, for example," confirms Hirst.

Hirst has been working with asset management and hedge fund clients for 15 years, over which time she has seen a clear change in mindset as it relates to PR. 

"I find alternative asset managers have become a lot more conscious of the need to take on board professional communications expertise. The requirement may not be to splash their name everywhere – indeed very often the opposite – but they now understand they need to work with someone who can help them navigate the marketplace and more effectively communicate with their many stakeholder groups including influential third party observers" says Hirst.

Performance is still the key metric to be judged on, but beyond that managers need to build their reputation and credibility.

"At the same time, it's important to be able keep managers out of the headlines when required. If they start to over-communicate and become too prominent in the media, investors start to worry. We understand the dynamic of the marketplace to ensure the right balance is struck in terms of how prominently they position themselves.

"They appreciate working with a PR agency that they can rely on as a top table advisor, much as they rely on legal advisors," says Hirst.

Going forward, CitySavvy wants to ensure that it continues to attract and work with well-established fund management groups, especially mid-sized billion dollar firms, to support their strategic communication needs. "We want to be recognised as an agency that understands its clients and delivers the right solutions for those clients individually, whatever their size," adds Hirst. 

On winning this year's award, she comments: "It's the total passion that we bring to our work that I believe helps us to win awards like this. Our network is broad and diverse within the industry so to have that validation from our peers is hugely rewarding." 

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