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CoinDesk launches a library for digital asset and market research from crypto industry’s top analysts

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CoinDesk, a blockchain and cryptocurrency news and information platform, has launched its Research Hub, a point of connection for the broader investor audience to access research on digital assets and markets. “It’s about helping our audience by showing them a wider range of quality research than just what CoinDesk produces, and helping the industry by sharing others’ work more widely. If the sector has a diverse range of research that gets in front of an audience eager for information, then everybody wins,” says Noelle Acheson, CoinDesk’s Director of Research.

The Research Hub will go beyond CoinDesk’s own reporting on the digital asset space and cover topics such as bitcoin, ethereum, markets, metrics, companies, macro and derivatives. Third party contributors will be carefully selected by the CoinDesk research team and invited to provide their expertise on these topics. 

Current research partners include Bitwise, Kaiko, Glassnode, Arcane Research, TokenInsight, Coin Metrics, Grayscale and other well-known names who will deepen and diversify the quality and content of information for audiences.

Given the sheer amount of information about the digital asset space available online, CoinDesk’s Research Hub aims to break through the noise and equip investors of all levels, such as professional investment managers as well as beginners looking to invest in the digital asset space, with accurate research, all accessible in the one place.
Available through the CoinDesk website, you can dive deeper into the Research Hub here.

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