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CoinList brings more than 6,700 new token holders to Oasis Network with ROSE Garden farming and staking programme

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Oasis Network’s farming and staking program, the ROSE Garden, has added more than 6,700 new Oasis token holders to the CoinList network in just three weeks. 

The two phases of the initiative on CoinList, which consists of ROSE Farm + ROSE Cultivate, were uniquely designed to provide an easy way for Oasis Community members to gain access to the ROSE token while incentivising token holders to help secure the Oasis Network by staking ROSE tokens with Bison Trails. 

Following the Mainnet launch of the Oasis Network last week, which delivered a fully decentralised, scalable, and privacy-enabled blockchain network with on-chain transfers of the Oasis ROSE token, CoinList helped enlist thousands of new token holders to the ecosystem via the ROSE Garden, and added over 3,000 new delegators from more than 100 countries as a part of ROSE Cultivate. 

“Oasis’ ROSE Garden has been among CoinList’s most successful network launch collaborations,” says Scott Keto, CEO of CoinList Markets. “The ROSE Garden model not only incentivises community participation among a wide distribution of stakeholders but also helps secure the network at the most critical juncture—mainnet launch. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this model replicated by other protocols in the future.” 

During ROSE Farm, participants were able to contribute a maximum of USD2,000 in USDC or USDT to a locked pool, which now represents over USD10.5 million Total Value Locked. At the end of the month, each participant will receive an amount of ROSE proportional to their contribution to the pool. ROSE earned during the Farm phase plus an additional pool of tokens can then be staked on the Oasis Network during ROSE Cultivate. With a fixed maximum for contributing USDT or USDC, the mechanism aims to ensure that tokens can be earned fairly by many community members who want to provide lasting support to the network.

“The success of the ROSE Garden has really blown us away. The participation and excitement from the community has been phenomenal,” says Jernej Kos, Director of the Oasis Foundation. “The ROSE Garden is really a first-of-its kind mechanism for securing the Oasis Network and we’re excited to see the community so engaged.”

ROSE Cultivate, which allowed participants to automatically stake on the Oasis Network via CoinList, is powered by leading infrastructure provider, Bison Trails. 

Bison Trails offers geographically distributed infrastructure for the pioneers of tomorrow to secure networks and enable the entire blockchain ecosystem to flourish. As a key infrastructure provider powering the CoinList nodes for the Oasis Rose Garden, Bison Trails is responsible for running worker nodes on behalf of users to  enable their network participation and to help ensure the integrity of the Oasis network. 

The participation window ended on 18 November with the initiation of ROSE Farm. ROSE Farm ends on 15 December, at which time ROSE Cultivate will begin.

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