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May calendar

Month in review: Macroeconomic uncertainty holds sway in May

Uncertainty, both political and economic, was a key theme in May, as elections in Greece and Turkey, an unusual period of calm in Italian politics, and a subdued ‘rebound’ in China’s economy, coupled with brinksmanship over the US debt ceiling,

Levelling up

Recent technological advances – notably in AI – have put hedge funds on the cusp of next-level investment strategies. Is 2023 the year the industry achieves ‘true’ AI? Or has that already happened?

Cutting through the noise

Hedge funds’ use of and need for alternative data continues to increase. Today, the problem is less about how to get enough, and more about how to manage what you have – and extract value.

Digitising the workforce

Many hedge fund COOs appear resistant to the idea of deploying AI – and similar types of disruptive technology – inhouse. But that’s only part of the picture. 

March hares

Month in review: March madness roils global markets

Global markets demonstrated the madness of the proverbial March hare last month, as the demise of not one, but three banks, in a matter of days triggered turmoil that provided hedge funds with plenty of challenges, but investment opportunities too.


06 June, 2024 – 5:00 pm

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