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A timely shift

A timely shift

SECTION 4 ___________ Market commentators say sweeping write-downs on private assets next year could see institutional flows rebalance in favour of hedge funds as fees, liquidity and capacity issues focus minds.

Performance pressures

Performance pressure

SECTION 2 ___________ Rising rates and an inflation squeeze are fuelling an increasingly downbeat economic assessment. For hedge fund investors, capital preservation is now critical.

A vote of confidence

A vote of confidence

SECTION 1 ___________ With 60% of investors set to increase or maintain their hedge fund exposure in 2023, allocators are betting on macro managers to thrive amid rising rates, with the economic upheaval also fostering alpha opportunities in relative value

Staying ahead

Hedge funds returning to form as year-end approaches

Hedge funds extended gains in November with the investable HFRI 500 Fund Weighted Composite Index advancing 0.8% for the month, as directional equity hedge and interest rate sensitive relative value arbitrage strategies led the way.

Maintaining a balance

Despite the boom in third party service provision, hedge funds’ ops infrastructure remains a mix of outsourced, cloud- and in-house processes, as COOs are keen to maintain oversight over key business functions.  The expansion in the range and quality of

Building the business

Amid sustained economic upheaval and investment volatility, operations specialists discuss the major trends and themes that are reshaping hedge funds’ business infrastructure.  The unprecedented turmoil brought about by the coronavirus pandemic over the past two years heralded far-reaching changes to

A higher profile

Against a constantly evolving backdrop of advancing technology, heightened regulatory barriers, and increasingly complex business operations, the nature and profile of the hedge fund chief operational officer has transformed over the past decade.   The scope of the hedge fund


06 June, 2024 – 5:00 pm

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