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Where do hedge funds stand on Brexit and UK assets?

The latest Weekly Brief from Lyxor’s Cross Asset team takes a look at how hedge funds view the current state of Brexit negotiations, and as with just about everything to do with the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, the picture

Why a market correction might help some investment managers

A market correction could provide some longer-term benefits, says Nathan Flanders, managing director, Fitch Ratings… Mention the words ‘market correction’ and reactions range from mild worry to outright concern among most market participants. However, a number of different types of

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JMA launches new tools to analyse Japanese economy

Japan Macro Advisors (JMA), whose clients include a few of the world’s largest hedge funds and global manufacturing companies, has launched "My Charts," a set of web-based analytical tools to help economists and decision makers stay on top of the


Quaero strategy highlights the unexpected pace and impact of radical change

Factory automation, pharmacy and the retail sector are three areas already undergoing fundamental, structural changes from the growing pressures of disruptive innovation (DI) across markets and geographies, according to Quaero Capital investment manager Eurof Uppington. “We think Disruptive Innovation is

Bill Lipschutz, Hathersage

Hathersage Capital Management – Best Macro Hedge Fund

Hathersage Capital Management LLC is a discretionary global macro investment manager founded in 1991. The firm is a foreign exchange specialist, expressing its global macro views strictly in G10 currencies, using interbank spot, forwards and vanilla options.  Hedgeweek readership has voted

Worse to come as sterling falls to eight-year low?

Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager at Heartwood Investment Management comments on sterling’s fall to an eight-year low… The single currency’s strength this year is a far cry from the days when investors feared its demise. Year-to-date the euro is up 8


06 June, 2024 – 5:00 pm

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