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Hedge funds fuel banks’ prime brokerage profits

Hedge funds are helping drive prime brokerage revenues higher among investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America this year, according to a report by the Financial Times. Goldman Sachs’ equities, fixed income, commodities and currencies

StoneX’s Prime Services Division launches Prime Direct

StoneX Group Inc’s Prime Services Division has launched a new Prime Direct offerings which leverages the firm’s technology to bridge the void between full-service Prime Brokerage services offered to larger managers and discount brokerage options accessible to emerging investors.  Providing

Tim Bevan, BCS

The importance of boutique prime brokers

BCS Global Markets: Best Boutique Prime Broker – The prime brokerage landscape has seen significant changes over the last couple of years, making it difficult for funds to source the right prime partner. BCS Global Markets has established itself as a

Fredrik Beyer, SEB

A post-pandemic mix of physical and digital interaction

SEB: Best Prime Broker – Although client interaction has increased through the shift to virtual working, the importance of relationships in the hedge fund business means physical meetings remain critical. “When things normalise I think we will see a mix of

Keeping strong in a storm: Extensive trading capabilities deliver

Market volatility and high volume have exposed weaknesses in trading systems and technology offerings. This has led to reductions in service and increased down time in trading offerings. Providers with the ability to overcome these challenges have stood in good

Jack Seibald, Cowen

Industry supportive of prime business despite hurdles

Buoyancy in the hedge fund industry, following a year of strong performance, bodes well for the prime brokerage business. Numerous new funds are being launched and prudent prime players are benefiting from the renewed interest in the asset class.

Dale Klynhout, Lazarus Capital Partners

Strong client relationships support rise of boutique prime brokers

Transparency, trust and a clear understanding of the prime broker’s risk management process can help managers build long-term sustainable relationships with their providers. This is especially critical among boutique and mini-prime brokers. These firms are meeting a growing need among

Barsam Lakani, Jefferies

The importance of being visible

Although it ushered in a whole host of new challenges, when it came to client and audience engagement, the Covid-19 pandemic levelled the playing field between the big banks and smaller players in the prime brokerage market. It encouraged dialogue

Higher scrutiny welcomed by the industry

By A Paris – Just four months into 2021 and the hedge fund industry had already experienced two major events affecting prime brokerage – the GameStop run and the Archegos collapse. Though these incidents may have rocked some firms, others have held strong


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