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Crux Informatics launches Crux Deliver managed service for data suppliers

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With the proliferation of financial data and cloud technologies, customer requirements to ingest and analyse data are diversifying and evolving fast. Driven by data suppliers’ demand to leverage its ready-made infrastructure and services, Crux Informatics (Crux) has unveiled a new offering, Crux Deliver, which expands its platform to help data suppliers improve their delivery capabilities. 

Crux says this turnkey, managed service provides powerful technology capabilities to support delivery expansion for suppliers at a fraction of the cost of developing their own infrastructure.

“From exchanges to alternative data providers, suppliers need to rely on a platform to deliver data quickly and at scale, rather than taking time and resources to build their own at a high cost,” says Michael Rude, head of go-to-market at Crux. “Our Crux Deliver offering is a turnkey solution that enables suppliers to deliver data to their customers in more formats, via more delivery methods, and with more tools. Most importantly, it reduces future technology burdens and provides an operations team to execute everything on their behalf at an affordable price.”

Following the explosion of data over the last five years, consumer preferences and architectures around file formats and delivery methods have diversified greatly. Most suppliers currently have just one file format (eg CSV) and one delivery method (eg FTP) for their clients. Crux Deliver immediately broadens their reach with multiple file formats (eg Avro, CSV, Parquet) and delivery methods (eg API, cloud warehouse integrations, SQL, ODBC) already built and maintained by Crux.

Crux Deliver consists of five main capabilities for suppliers:

• A strong partner to expand their delivery and operational reach for any data product, ingested and delivered in any data format preferred by supplier or client;

• Managed delivery of supplier data through various methods to suit client needs, including REST API, Python client, S/FTP, SQL queries, ODBC connectivity, or automatic data upload into Amazon S3, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or Snowflake;

• Distribution into data marketplaces, including data delivery and profile management on the AWS Data Exchange and the Snowflake Data Marketplace;

• Monitoring and support from Crux specialists to validate data and ensure that no inconsistencies or unforeseen changes reach their clients;

• Access to metadata catalog for clients – The Crux Discover app provides users powerful search capabilities that help them easily find, understand, request access to, and ultimately use supplier’s data.

“Access to Crux Discover and our querying capabilities are in high demand from supplier and consumer clients alike,” says Rude. “Never has it been easier for users to efficiently browse their catalog of metadata and quickly query supplier datasets through one central platform.”

Crux Deliver offers a no-risk, plug and play model to quickly begin delivering to customers. Crux remains a neutral partner that plugs directly into suppliers’ existing workstreams and delivers to clients on the supplier’s behalf. Crux does not disintermediate existing data licenses with consumers. It simply carries a small delivery fee per dataset.

Crux Deliver ensures suppliers stay “future-proof,” ahead of developing trends, with robust infrastructure, strong technology industry partnerships and a world-class data operations team. The Crux Deliver managed service is already used by leading data providers including Euronext FX.

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