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DASH launches enhanced liquidity solution for US listed options smart routing

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DASH Financial Technologies, a capital markets technology and execution provider, has launched an enhanced liquidity solution within its agency listed-options routing suite, SENSOR.DASH ATS is an innovative alternative trading system designed to solve the liquidity sourcing challenges inherent in today’s US listed options market. Through DASH ATS’ automated Request for Quote (RFQ) process, a diverse network of market makers and liquidity providers can respond to client orders with their quotes. By combining the DASH ATS with the SENSOR smart-routing suite, clients may seamlessly benefit from this liquidity within their routing workflow. When the RFQ response improves the NBBO – either in price and/or size – the ATS will automatically pair the interest before routing to an exchange for execution.  

DASH ATS, an SEC-registered Alternative Trading System (ATS), supports both single-leg and complex options transactions and is accompanied by an extensive set of real-time analytics and data visualisations through the award-winning DASH360 web portal.

Stino Milito, Co-COO at DASH, says: “Our ATS solution is unique because, unlike the traditional equity ATS model people are accustomed to, DASH Options ATS sends out RFQs to market makers and upstairs liquidity providers when we receive an order that is priced at the mid-point or better. This allows us to electronically check for better and/or deeper markets that normally would be unavailable or inefficient to attempt to access. This is driving real value for our clients.”

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