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Decentralised exchange DEx.top launches with over 10,000 users

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DEx.top, a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange incubated by Bitmain and based in Switzerland, has launched successfully after completing a two-week trial period.

The platform has performed over 1,400 ETH in trading volume and signed around 10,000 new users. Three new collaborations have also been agreed that will see DEx.top offer mobile app trading.
The DEx.top development team is focusing in particular on improving batch sizes, increasing transaction speed and optimising the supervision alarm mechanism.
DEx.top says its represents a new generation of crypto trading platforms by utilising smart contracts to decentralise the trading process, making everything transparent. With no central wallets to hack or exchange mechanisms to fail, users retain full control over their balances and can enjoy a suite of useful analytical tools.
Other improvements to be implemented ASAP include email notifications for new token listings and withdrawal confirmations.
Ethereum smart-contract-based DEx.top is aiming to be the premier trading base for ERC-20 tokens, which make up the vast majority of ICOs. It will list projects that present solid technology backgrounds and real application scenarios.
Those projects come from all over the world, including Switzerland, Singapore, Korea and many other regions. DEx.top has an elite analysis team that will engage in rigorous review of each project’s code to mitigate any security vulnerabilities and propose solutions. The company will also promote the projects it lists, assisting in roadshows that also serve to increase both the public’s and the DEx.top’s own understanding of what each one does.

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