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Denver Alternatives launches separate account structure

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Denver Alternatives has launched a separately managed account structure that provides alternative investors with enhanced multi-strategy and multi-manager capabilities.

The United Alpha Account offers investors greater control over their assets including increased transparency, incentive fees based on the performance of the overall account, and no artificial liquidity constraints.

Investors have access to any combination of ten different alternative strategies managed in-house by seasoned professionals with strong long-term performance records. Denver Alternatives’ portfolio managers can provide the allocation among these strategies or implement an allocation decision as directed by the client or its consultant. Realignment of individual strategy weights can be initiated on any day.

Tim Krochuk, chief operating officer of Denver Alternatives, says: "Since we are managing a broad array of strategies through one infrastructure and one trading desk, due diligence is simplified and we can provide clients with greater transparency, including information on net exposures, and integrated risk reporting."

The UAA will remove all artificial liquidity constraints.

"Last year was proof that contractual liquidity constraints can cause investors great stress and limit their options," says John DeTore, chief investment officer of Denver Alternatives. "Many investors were in the unenviable position of deciding between selling today or waiting more than four months for another opportunity – all during one of the most panic-driven environments in history. The elimination of liquidity constraints in the UAA should greatly increase investors’ comfort and flexibility in pursuing investment objectives."

By offering a broad array of strategies through a single separate account, the UAA is designed to provide investors low market correlation and a pricing structure that bases any incentive fee only on the performance of the overall account.

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