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Digital assets and blockchain equities fund returns 24 per cent in November

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Singapore-based OC Horizon FinTech has concluded its first month of activity in blockchain related asset investment, having achieved a 24 per cent return in November.

The firm says the fund is invested in a mixture of blockchain-related equities and digital assets, including both high market cap cryptocurrencies and strategically selected alt-coins.

OC Horizon says that its hedge fund has an initial target of raising USD150 million and is the first of its kind to place cryptocurrency assets within the reach of institutional investors.
The firm writes that until now, institutional investors have avoided investing in volatile cryptocurrencies – but consistent growth has convinced experts that blockchain technology-related assets can benefit investors who need the transparency, security, and compliance that a regulated hedge fund offers.

As a result, a worldwide race to introduce cryptocurrency assets to traditional investment portfolios is under way, the firm says. The greatest gains await those few fintech investment firms capable of introducing investors to these assets under the strict regulatory framework traditional investment securities enjoy.

OC Horizon’s leadership team consists of Dr Justin Chan, a former quantitative strategist and UCLA PhD, is one of OC Horizon FinTech’s two hedge fund managers, alongside John DeCleene, a blockchain specialist and recent Tulane University graduate with an extensive background in US public policy.

The pair are advised by a team of experts from the United States, Hong Kong, and Singapore, the Cayman-registered fund aggregates experience gathered from numerous successful ICO launches and interdisciplinary research into blockchain technology and its underlying value proposition.

“The blockchain is going to change the world as we know it and now is the time to invest as an early adopter and grow with this revolutionary technology. With the total market cap of cryptocurrencies at less than 1 per cent of the total market cap for gold, there is still so much room for it to grow as more investors and merchants come to understand the value that this technology has to offer,” says Chan.

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