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DoubleLine names co-portfolio manager for Total Return Bond Fund

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Andrew Hsu, a member of the DoubleLine investment team since the firm’s inception and head of both the Asset-Backed Securities and Infrastructure investment teams, has been added as a co-portfolio manager of the USD53 billion DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund.

 Hsu joins the portfolio management team of Jeffrey Gundlach (pictured), lead portfolio manager and Philip Barach, co-portfolio manager.

The DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund invests primarily in fixed-income securitisations, also referred to as structured products, including Agency and private-label residential mortgage-backed securities (MBS), commercial MBS, collateralised loan obligations and asset-backed securities.

“Andrew has been part of my investment team for 17 years,” Gundlach says. “As an analyst, trader and portfolio manager, he has had deep experience in every major sector of the securitisation universe in which the Total Return Bond fund invests. Similar to the promotion of Jeffrey Sherman to DoubleLine Deputy CIO a few years ago, the addition of Hsu to our prospectus as a named portfolio manager is more an acknowledgement of the role he has grown into and his growing contributions than a change in responsibilities.”

“I’ve known Andrew virtually my entire career,” says Sherman. “He has the rare ability to buck conventional wisdom and see past rigid style boxes to spot new market developments and emerging trends before they become obvious years later.”

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