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EEX conducts first EU emissions auction under new CAP2 contract

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The European Energy Exchange (EEX) has conducted the first primary market auction under the new CAP2 contract on behalf of the participating 25 EU member states.

In the auction, 3,664,000 EU Allowances (EUAs) were sold at a price of 4.02 Euro/EUA.
The total bidding amount was 6,705,000 EUA which means that participants demanded more than two-fold the determined volume.
In July, the European Commission has signed a contract with EEX and its clearing house European Commodity Clearing (ECC) for running European-wide primary market emissions auctions for another period of up to 5 years. Until the end of this year, a volume of 159 million emission allowances is scheduled to be auctioned off on behalf of 25 EU member states.
In addition to the Europe-wide auctions, EEX serves as the emissions auction platform for Germany.
The continuation of the Polish auctions under a new service contract is still subject to the conclusion of a separate bilateral agreement between EEX and Poland.

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