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EEX European power derivatives trading volume up 46 per cent in April

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EEX Group has reported a 46 per cent increase in European power derivatives trading volume in April, largely driven by consistent growth in the Germany Phelix-DE futures and the strong performance of the French (+152 per cent trading volume y-o-y), Spanish (+140 per cent y-o-y) and Hungarian (+256 per cent y-o-y) power futures. The Hungarian power futures continued its positive development, making Hungary now the fourth largest power market in terms of traded volume on EEX’s European power derivatives platform, behind Germany, Italy and France.

On the Austrian, French and German Intraday power markets, flexibility products, namely 15 minute and 30 minute contracts, displayed healthy growth rates.

The European spot natural gas segment registered a new record on the Belgian ZTP hub, exceeding the 10 TWh threshold for the first time. In April, 11.8 TWh were traded on this gas hub, beating the previous record of 9.1 TWh set in November 2019.

In addition to regular April US gas trading, Nodal Exchange successfully migrated the open interest in natural gas futures and options contracts from Nasdaq Futures, Inc. (NFX) to its clearing house Nodal Clear. In two matching sessions, a total of 1.4 billion MMBtu of gas open interest was migrated in April which equates to an energy equivalent of 409 TWh, further strengthening Nodal’s position in the US gas market

Freight continued its record breaking performance in April, increasing its market share in terms of volume and open interest. On Thursday 2 April 2020, EEX achieved another significant milestone in its Freight business by gaining the majority share of the open interest (OI) in the total freight market (futures and options combined), thereby overtaking the market leader for the first time.

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